Building the evidence base

Intersectoral action in disadvantaged communities is common. Published evidence on the effectiveness of this action is rare. Community STaR, as part of the Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation (CHETRE), produces and disseminates evidence in complex community intervention through workshops, webinars and publication, conducts community based research in social inclusion, and supports small teams of community workers in planning, implementing and evaluating projects to improve service access and delivery.

We have undertaken research projects on:

  • Long-term mixed-methods evaluation of a complex community intervention
  • Community based participatory research (Photovoice) with young people who are unemployed
  • Working in locationally disadvantaged communities
  • Cognitive behavioural strategies for employment among people who are long-term unemployed and marginalized

You can see some of our reports and publications relating to the above research here. Please contact us at if you have a research idea or are interested in undertaking a joint research project.

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